Are Anti Wrinkle Creams Really Effective?

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Aging is a veritable reality of life. But still you can have control over its effects to a large extent. In other words, ‘You can age with dignity’.

These days both men and women are wary of wrinkles, which are considered a major blot on anybody’s personality. Mind you, it’s not all about beauty and attractiveness only.

In the complex world of today, youthful and attractive appearance is needed at almost every place. It’s an age of salesmanship.

Everybody from big to small is indulged in a rat race to sell their products/services. In such a scenario you can’t proceed much further with wrinkles on your face, especially if you belong to the middle/lower age group.

As a result, the market is flooded with different varieties of anti-aging creams. One reason for their massive supply is the demand factor behind them.

These are easy to use and are much cheaper than other beauty treatments. For example, you would have to loosen your pocket quite a bit if you want to go in for plastic surgery. Botox injections are not cheap either.

The demand for these creams really speaks a lot about their efficacy. Yes, they indeed are able to hide/lessen your wrinkles to a large extent.

The primary condition being that they should be used on a regular basis. Once you stop using them, it does not mean that your skin will not develop wrinkles. They certainly will come back. Skin rejuvenation that these creams achieve is only a temporary affair that is directly proportional to their use.

Mostly, these creams carry such compounds that have a very small molecular size. Collagen, Silicon Dioxide etc. are the common ingredients in these creams. The molecules of these compounds are able to penetrate in the skin.

The light that falls on the skin is then deflected by them, giving a semblance of absence of wrinkles. So, it can be said that these creams moisturize your skin and make aging of your skin more pleasing and presentable.

There are certain anti-aging creams that are totally made from organic substances and are considered much safer for the skin. Even if you stop using them, you don’t experience irritation or dryness of the skin. With chemical based creams, such irritation/itch happens once in a while.

There also have been cases when people suffered from skin allergies because of chemical-based anti-wrinkle creams. The inferior quality of creams was the main culprit in those cases. So, never ever compromise over quality when it comes to the health of your skin-especially the facial one.

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Certain creams also have been shown to stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin. These are the proteins that are present in our skin and are responsible for smoothness and elasticity. However, there is not a permanent solution for wrinkles in sight so far. Maybe, some genetic techniques may help us in this endeavor in the near future.

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